In 2014, NOVA ENERGIA took an important strategic step as BANCO MACQUARIE became one of its major shareholders.


Banco Macquarie provides Nova Energia with very robust governance rules, good market practices and a differentiated technical capacity that is placed at the disposal of our customers.

Banco Macquarie provides Nova Energia with an additional expertise to our conservative approach to the ever-present risk when facing the market dynamics and the regulatory environment of Brazil.
With operations in 28 countries, Macquarie is a bank with infrastructure investments around the world, including the European, Australian and US energy markets, where it is the third biggest player in natural gas distribution.It has been operating in Brazil, for more than 20 years, in the farming, fuel and metal trading segments. More recently, through Nova Energia, Macquarie entered Latin America’s electric power market.
+ than
billion in assets under its management