NOVA ENERGIA offers short, medium and long term energy purchases and sales at fixed or variable prices as new ways of contracting.

We develop and propose ideal products to our customers and partners directing the efforts towards the development of customized solutions. The financial sturdiness, seriousness and conservative posture of NOVA ENERGIA will provide assurance of supply under the contracts of energy sales and purchases.

Main characteristics of the contract:

Financial guarantees

Supply time

Energy price

Type of source

(conventional or under incentive)

Delivery submarket

Season-based energy supply

(energy distribution along each year)

Contract flexibility

(flexible delivery based on measurements)

Price indexing according to the IPCA or IGP-M indexes

To mitigate risks related to price oscillations, we also offer several derivative instruments which are of fundamental importance to the development of hedge positions.

Option contracts

Grant the energy purchase or sale option at previously agreed upon prices and conditions with the payment of a premium in the event the right of option is not exercised;

Swap Contracts

Make it possible to alternate different types of energy, submarkets or periods;

Collar Contracts

Energy purchase or sale operations where a premium value is established on the Settlement Price for Differences (PLD) as determined by the Electric Power Commercialization Chamber (CCEE), limited to a maximum price (ceiling) and a minimum price (floor).