Customized Service

With NOVA ENERGIA, the consumer counts on a customized service in line with its needs and succeeds to establish short, medium and long term strategies based on several types of contracting available in this environment.


The option to migrate to the free market represents savings in the electric power supply that can be maximized by choosing an ideal product. This discount can reach 30% of the final energy consumption according to the load factor.

Supply Safety

The supply security in the contracted commercial condition is assured by the financial sturdiness of Nova Energia. The electric power supply continues to be assured by the local distributor, which is responsible for its physical delivery.


In the free market, it is possible to choose a renewable energy source of supply and take advantage of the economic benefits from the tariff discounts granted for the use of the distribution system, besides stimulating the use of a clean energy matrix in Brazil.


The industry may freely negotiate the supply characteristics to meet its current and future energy requirements, keeping a well-defined contracting horizon. An additional advantage is afforded by the possibility of allocating energy among the industrial units.


When freely negotiating its contracts, the industry has a real and clear budget forecast, a much more assertive view, without being subject of the regulated tariff variations.