In the light of scenarios designed to reflect the future perspective of the industry and based on experience and market vision, the intelligence services seek to provide our customers with a point of view on the contracting strategies and opportunities to help in the decision making process.

Market Analysis

The information you require from the comfort of your e-mail.

Data relevant for pricing, such as flow rates, reservoirs, climate and load, including information from the monthly meeting for the Operation Monthly Programming held at the National System Operator (ONS), is concisely organized in bulletins and forwarded by e-mail on a weekly basis.
Further analyses and projections required on demand can be made on several subjects of interest based on the load history, reservoir levels, climatology, market prices, delays in construction projects, auctions, etc.

Price projections

Agility in the scenario projections

Considering the great computational effort to produce such projections timely, Nova Energia has been using the best technology available and processing its models on cloud computing elastic supercomputers to reduce processing time.
The projections of future medium and long term prices are made using the same NEWAVE and DECOMP computing models used by ONS and the commercialization chamber and in the determination of the Operation Marginal Cost and the Difference Settlement Price. Based on these projections, it is possible to increase the assertiveness when preparing budgets and project finances.

Risk analysis

It consists of assessing and monitoring price changes in the customer’s operations by means of portfolio risk position calculations based on traditional methodologies of the financial market which are adjusted to suit the energy industry.